Swedish Semi Finals of World Class

Måndagen den 13 maj tävlade 10 fantastiska bartenders om tre mycket åtråvärda platser till den nordeuropeiska finalen av World Class i Amsterdam i juli. Där kommer en att ta sig vidare till den globala finalen i Glasgow i september. Dinvinguide var som enda media med under tävlingen och här är de vinnande recepten.


Alla 10 bartenders valdes ut efter ett inskickat recept till World Class – världens största tävling för bartenders. Under den svenska semifinalen fick varje bartender 10 minuter till att presentera sin drink på temat ”Smoke” inför en jury. Det var en tuff kamp att hålla nerverna i styr och leverera ett proffsigt framträdande trots tidspress. Fantastiskt att se bartenders från runt om i Sverige samt både nybörjare och proffs i tävlingssammanhang.

De tre vinnarna av den svenska semifinalen av World Class:

Michael John Straatman, Josephine Sondlo och Magnus Widmark.

Joseohine Sondlo, Stockholm

Just like Johnnie Walker travelled the world, this cocktail has travelled around Stockholm, sourcing ingredients and inspiration from its different areas.

The structure is that of a classic scotch and soda, or mizuwari, where each ingredient has been chosen to correspond to the different elements of the blend where the lacto-fermented and incense-smoked honey represent the lighter notes of the blend and the smoky soda plats with the heavier and richer bottom notes.

The ingredients and the techniques used to put them to work are traditionally part of the Swedish way of preserving foodstuffs during our long winters. So that come spring, we’re still walking.

60 ml Johnnie Walker Black Label

22.5 ml acid adjusted & clarified apple juice

20 ml lacto-fermented & incense-smoked honey

50 ml smokey soda

1 dash saline

Shake everything except soda, strain into chilled highball, add soda, and carefully fill up with ice. Serve & light incense.

Magnus Widmark, Avalon, Göteborg

My cocktail is inspired by the Nordic mythological creature ASKEFROA. She lives in the tall old ash tree. Every year people come to the tree to do sacrifice to her. If not she will make you very ill. So my idea is to take parts of her tree and make a smoky tribute to the Queen of the tree. I take the sap from the tree and blende with tar and I also take the bark and burn it to create smoke to infuse cone to the serve. A tribute to what you can do with smoke.


50 ml Johnny Walker Black Label

30 ml gail liqueur

1 bar spoon of maple syrup

3 dash of black walnut bitters

Pippet of smoked sap and tar tincture

Dash of salt salotion

Stir everything together in a mixing glass over ice.

Michael John Straatman, The Concept, Göteborg

”Beyond smoke there is clarity”. My cocktail is inspired by the creative process that resonates on many levels with the complexity of Johnnie Walker Black Label. We were challenged with the science of smoke and at that moment a million thought went through my head. After clearing the fog in my mind there was a unique moment of clarity symbolized in my drink and the simplicity of it. My drink contains of two components that are melted into one. The light delicate foam that counters the bittersweet feel of my cocktail. To get to that clear and intense flavor one must first go through the smoke. And it is exactly how I would describe discovering Johnnie Walker Black Label. I tried to implement techniques that are all about simplicity and effect. The flavors of Johnnie Walker tell my story and that of the creative process of any art-form whether that be whisky making or cocktail shaking.

40ml Johnnie Walker Black Label

20ml Belsazar Rose

2ds cloudberry citric tincture*

spruce tonic

smoked Oat foam*

Build in glass.

*Cloudberry/citric tincure:

200 ml overproof rum

0.5 kg cloudberry

Vacuum seal and heat to 60 degrees for 2 hours. Strain product and add 10gr of citric acid.


Cardamom Syrup:

10 burned cardamom seeds

1 vanilla pod

5 cl water

Infuse for 2 hours at 80 degrees, double quantity of liquid with sugar.


95cl Oatly havregrädde

5cl cardamon syrup

2 charges in a siphon

Övriga deltagare i den svenska semifinalen av World Class:

Josefin Thoren (Stranger)
Erik Holmberg (Stranger)
Peter Johnsson (Tvinky)
August Augustsson (Lagerqvist Cocktail Club)
Andrew Watson (Lagerqvist Cocktail Club)
Alexander Edström (20hundra5)
Jeroen Houwink (Hilma)

Foto: Karoline Nordfors och Malin Möllerberg

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