Diageo Reserve WORLD CLASS Global Final 2014 – Interview with Denmarks finalist and Nordic winner Hardeep Rehal

World Class Great Britain 2014

Name: Hardeep Rehal

Years in the business: 8

Official Job Title: Bar manager

Born: 310884

Currently resides: Denmark

Current work locations: 1105 Cocktail Bar, Copenhagen

Hardeep Rehal Denmark Finalist Diageo Reserve World Class 

How and why did you become a bartender and what other things are you passionate about besides bar tending?

– I started bartending next to my engineering studies, cause it seemed like fun and the work hours fitted me perfectly so that i could use the weekdays to study. After some years doing nightclub bartending i got my first job at a hotel bar as a cocktail bartender, and from then on i was hooked and never looked back towards math and numbers.

Describe your approach to making cocktails in one word and tell us why that defines your style.

– Curious! Everything has a flavour and a taste. We are preprogrammed from our childhood with what we are suppose to eat and what not. Everything is pre chosen in supermarkets, commercials and our parents raising and their food approach. That limits us in discovering new things and rediscovering forgotten things. My style is i reset my pre programmed mind and rediscover flavor from things that are written of as “normal food”. That is why i call it curious.

How does a competition like this help you career-wise and on a personal level?

– On a personal level, it forces creative thinking on another level. We can do things that would never work in a normal bar, which stimulates a more artistic side of bar tending. That can be distilled down and promote our everyday bar tending. Regarding career, the extreme high level of this competition does not “just” give a great marketing value, but it creates a certain respect amongst other bartenders world wide as well, which has huge career values.

You are soon one of finalists competing in the global final. What made your creation stand out at this edition of Diageo Reserve World Class Nordics?

– Being Curious. I didn´t use exotic and rare ingredients, i just developed flavour from everyday things that people have written off as being flavourful and edible things. I rediscovered flavors and held that as a red thread throughout all my presentations.

What is your biggest challenge in the competition yet?

– It is to engage equal commitment and time to all of the challenges. There are always favourite challenges and also those less appealing. And the second thing is holding myself back and not being over ambitious regarding the time limits given the various challenges.

How do you prepare for the global final?

– Like my university exams. Read everything trough, Thesis statement, Brain storm, Problem solving, Conclusion. And the most important rule of all; Solve the easiest tasks first!!


What is the best drink after a f****** hard shift?

– Dry martini. Gets me every time…

Favorite song of all times?

Underworld – Born Slippy. Its the very essence of the 90s rave scene. I would play it at my funeral, and hope that everybody would dance their a**** off.

In your wardrobe which garment is your favourite?

– Leather jacket from Rick Owens and my python hand bag from Lanvin.

What is the best pick up line that you have heard?

– Hi my name is “X”, whats yours? 😉

If bartenders had superpowers, what would yours be?

– Jedi mind trick! It would make a completely slammed night behind the stick, way way way smoother.

INSTAGRAM: @hardeep_rehal


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