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Cocktail Currently Bee

Drink med vit rom influerad med svarta vinbärsblad


  • Cocktail Currently Bee 1 drink
  • 40
    ml ml
    white rum infused with blackcurrant leafs*
  • 20
    ml ml
    grapefruit juice
  • 20
    ml ml
    runny honey
  • 2
    tsk tsk
    blackcurrant vinegar
Cava sparkling wine

Mix all the ingredients except the sparkling wine in a cocktail shaker. Fill with ice and shake until cold. Pour through a tea sieve into sparkling wine glasses and top up with cava. Mix gently and garnish with a blackcurrant leaf.

*White rum infused with backcurrant leafs

1 bottle of good quality white rum

500 ml blackcurrant leafs

Wash the blackcurrant leafs. Rub gently with your fingers to extract the essential oils. Mix the leafs with the rum in a clean maison jar and let infuse in cold until the rum has a distinctive aroma of the leaves. This takes one to three days. Filter the rum and store in fridge.

Laura Hujanen


Instagram: @lauramariphoto