Andys fermented berry cocktail

Fermenting a berry mix intensifies flavour, whilst lemon curd and marshmallow balance add a depth of subtle sweetness.


  • Cocktail
  • 30
    ml ml
    lacto-fermented berries*
  • 20
    ml ml
    lemon curd cordial
  • 20
    ml ml
    fresh pressed lemon juice
  • 5
    ml ml
    orange oil
  • 15
    ml ml
    blood orange liqueur
  • 50
    ml ml
    Bespoke vanilla vodka

Add all ingredients to a tin. Add quality ice. Hard shake & double strain. Top with cranberry air*.

*Cranberry air

2 g lecitine powder per 500 ml cranberry juice then hand blend.

*Fermented berries

2% salt to weight of berries add to water and let rest for 1 week.

Skapad av Andy Watson-Calderon – Lagerqvist, Norrköping