Nettle drink is perfect for celebrating spring

Inom kort börjar nässlorna titta fram, ett välkommet tecken på att våren är här. Vår bartender i Helsingfors, Laura Hujanen, har skapat den här fräscha alkoholfria drinken Nokkonen med just nässlor. För dig som vill ha alkohol i drinken går det utmärkt med en ljus akvavit. Skåla in våren!


Nettle drink is perfect for celebrating spring

Nordic nettle is one of the super foods the Nordic nature offers us each spring. Besides classic nettle pancakes or soup, you can also use Nordic nettle in drinks. This non alcoholic cocktail is perfect to be sipped after a sauna or on a brunch with friends. The name Nokkonen means nettle in Finnish.

Nokkonen (Nettle) 1 cocktail

10 cl nettle-lemon cordial*

sparkling water

Option: 2-4 cl light akvavit to make a version with alcohol

Measure the cordial into a chilled highball glass. Add ice and sparkling water. Mix gently and enjoy.

*Nettle-lemon cordial

1 tsp caraway seeds

1 dl white sugar

1 dl water

1 dl freshly squeezed lemon juice

1 dl fresh nettle leaves

(1-2 drops of green food colouring)

Crush the cumin seeds in a saucepan. Add sugar and water. Bring the water to a boil on high heat. Once the liquid boils, take the saucepan away from the heat. Stir until all the sugar has dissolved. Add the lemon juice and allow the mixture to cool down in the fridge until cold. Clean and rinse nettle leaves. Blanch the leaves by dipping them into boiling water for 30 seconds and then rinsing with cold water. Pack the blanched leaves into a clean container. Pour the cooled down lemon-caraway mixture on top of the leaves. Close the lid and place the container to fridge for 12 hours. Pour the finished cordial through a sieve. If you want the cordial to be a more vivid green colour, add 1-2 drops of green food colouring. Bottle the cordial and store in fridge for max 1 week.

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Laura Hujanen


Instagram: @lauramariphoto

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