Magic Days in Odense and Gin & Tonic

På lördag är det den internationella gin & tonic-dagen. Här finns en fantastisk chans att prova något nytt i djungeln av olika gin- och tonicsorter. Leó, vår egen bartender i Danmark, tipsar om en magisk helg i Odense och om sina bästa tips på GT.


Magic Days in Odense and Gin & Tonic

What can we do on the international gin & tonic day in Odense?

The few things we can do is just to go around and test the gin ‘s at the bar and few offers around so nothing overly special right? But let ‘s for a moment take us to another great day that is coming up in Odense from the 17th until the 19th of October.

Magic night of Odense, this is a day when the kids go out and play with their parents. The town lives up with a story of magic and fairy tales. Trolls roam the street while witches soar the skies and underneath the city goblins wait in the shadows to jump out and scare you. This is made for the kids but the past year we have done something wonderful for the adults.

In our bar name Bijou Cocktail Club, we have had a mash up with an historian. Back to the golden areas of cocktails we say, where we pick out four different cocktails from our history and try to dig something up from the classics. Four different cocktails with history lessons both from these eras and where these drinks originate.

This magic festival we have:

  • Bee’s Knee’s
  • Mary Pickford
  • Widows Kiss
  • Mai Tai

These cocktails are told in a mesmerizing narrative to audience with a taste of the history right at your fingertips. I myself relish in these great history lessons, new kind of events being created or some others around the world being re-mastered in another country.

Personally, I think the gin day is quite boring, but has it place among the customer. But for me as a bartender I would like to see the “Weird spirits day” with a twist of magic or something otherworldly. Maybe that is something I will create as well as a learned event planner as. Hit me up if you are interested. But for now, let’s enjoy some magic in the air and maybe grab a one or two G&T’s.

Interview with Leó Ólafsson

What’s your favorite combination when it comes to gin & tonic?

My favorite gin and tonic at the moment is G-vine since the main spirit is so subtle and smooth and made out of different varieties of grapes. Would say 1774 tonic goes well with it since it is less sparkly and a little sweet which makes it much more smoother.

What do I need to think of when I pour myself a gin & tonic?

Compliment the garnish with the botanicals both in the gin & tonic. I would fill the glass with ice, and big ice cubes to make the dilution less. That means the tonic drink will keep “fresh” longer.

What’s the weirdest combination of gin & tonic that you ever had?

Weirdest but good is the expresso shot, gin & tonic. With the right gin/tonic/coffee it is amazing.

Peace out!


Leó Ólafsson, bar manager Bijou Cocktail Club, Odense


Instagram: @isbrjotur

Magic Days in Odense and Gin & Tonic

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