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I BAREN with Niko Koskimies - Cocktail Bars you would like to visit in Helsinki, Finland - DinVinguide
Skriven av Karoline Nordefors

I BAREN with Niko Koskimies – Cocktail Bars you would like to visit in Helsinki, Finland

I BAREN med Niko Koskimies Karoline Nordefors

Cocktail Bars you would like to visit in Helsinki!

I BAREN med Niko Koskimies Trillby & Chadwick Helsingfors Helsinki Finland Karoline Nordefors

Trillby & Chadwick

Trillby & Chadwick is a cocktail bar recently opened in Helsinki and at the same I would say it is the one and only actual speakeasy bar in Finland for the moment. T&C is located in an small alley just next to Helsinki Cathedral, but to find the place you will have to ask around a little bit and find out a way to get in to this divine cocktail heaven. The bar is operated by a company called Son Of A Punch and they love to serve you classic cocktails with a nice twist. This bar’s atmosphere is full of mystique and as in a real speakeasy you can hear the sounds of ice bouncing back and forth in a Koriko shaker or silent classic music in the backround while you are sipping a cocktail in the candle light.

I BAREN med Niko Koskimies A21 Lounge Helsingfors Helsinki Finland Karoline Nordefors


A21 has already become a legend in the Finnish cocktailscene. Probably one of the most important places in our history of cocktails was opened in the summer of 2007 and received a price for The World’s Best Bar in 2009.  A21 specializes in modern cocktails and from their menu you can find cocktails made out of fresh Finnish berries and herbs. To get to A21 you would have to go to a street called Annankatu, find the number 21 and ring the doorbell. This bar has a stylish modern decoration and is a great place to spend a night with a friend or a larger group, all though table reservation is recommended.

I BAREN med Niko Koskimies American Bar Cocktail Helsingfors Helsinki Finland Karoline Nordefors

American Bar

American Bar is a classic hotel bar located in Yrjönkatu at Sokos Hotel Torni. This place can serve you your favorite classic cocktails as well as new modern cocktails made with innovative infusions and syrups. In my opinion this is the hotel bar to see in Helsinki. Like the name tells you, the bar has been done to look like a typical american hotel bar.  If you like good service and nice cocktails you should drop by whenever you have the chance. In the same building you can also find the Ateljee bar in the top floor with probably the best views Helsinki can offer you.

I BAREN med Niko Koskimies Liberty Or Death Helsingfors Helsinki Finland Karoline Nordefors

Liberty or Death

Liberty or Death opened their doors in the beginning of 2012. Since that moment on it was very clear that the Finnish cocktail culture was going to experience something new. LOD has a atmosphere you can’t find anywhere else in Finland. This joint reminds me of a traditional cocktail bar in New York. Their cocktails have been really popular since the day started and they have already managed to create a few cocktails which have become known all over Finland. Liberty or Death suffered from a bad water damage almost a year ago and was closed nearly six months only to come back better even better then they were before the accident. This bar has a cocktail list that changes every two months, but they also keep their own classics on a separate menu for the customers who keep coming back to enjoy these wonderful cocktails. Go visit Erottajankatu 5 to give LOD your own review. Definitely worth checking out.

I BAREN med Niko Koskimies Navy Jerry's Helsingfors Helsinki Finland Karoline Nordefors

Navy Jerry’s

As the name tells you Navy Jerry’s has been decorated like an old U.S Navy bar with a nice rockabilly feeling in the house. If you like rum Navy, as we call it, is the place to go to. Their rum selection is probably the best there is in Finland and they really know how to mix you a proper rum cocktail (as well as other cocktails). If you want to go bar hopping in Helsinki and you are afraid that you are running out of time don’t get scared, Navy Jerry’s is open until 4am every day of the week. This place has become really popular among bartenders and other industry employees for an after service place as you can find yourself a nice big table with really comfortable sofas and big leather chairs where to spend time with your co-workers. During the weekends Navy Jerry’s is usually pretty full, so prepared to wait for a while or have a visit in the early evening before it gets crowded.

Welcome to Helsinki!

Niko Koskimies I BAREN Karoline Nordefors



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