Drink Nordic offers tips, drinks and stories from the Nordics

Hur smakar Norden? Det har Laura och Eetu tagit reda på genom att intervjua över 70 bartenders. Nu släpps resultaten på drinknordic.com samt i en bok som publiceras i oktober. Svenska bartendern Sebastian Baarsen har fångat smakerna av midsommar i ett glas. Akvavit, gurka och ättika smaksätter den här fräscha drinken!


Drink Nordic offers tips, drinks and stories from the Nordics

After a year of research, drink recipe hunting, countless interviews and thousands of photos. Drink Nordic is ready to share a comprehensive look into Nordic cocktails.

Drink Nordic is a project by Eetu Topo and Laura Hujanen, two prominent Finnish drinks industry personalities, bartenders and journalists. Together with almost 70 Nordic bartenders we have collected drinks from all around the Nordics.

We set out on this journey with a question in mind: What does the Nordic drink taste, look and feel like? Our discoveries have been curated into a book published in Finnish by Karttakeskus in October 2019 and now as a website, which will hopefully become a source of inspiration for people around the world who are interested in Nordic lifestyle and drinks.

The website will include drink recipes, tips from bartenders to home bartenders and stories from Oslo to Kotka and from Copenhagen to Rovaniemi. Here is one example of the recipes found on the Drink Nordic website. The Field by Sebastian Baarsen has captured the flavour of Swedish Midsummer perfectly.

The Field – Recipe by Sebastian Baarsen, 20hundra5, Stockholm

5 cl aquavit flavoured with elderflower

4 cl cucumber honey (2 cucumbers mixed with 300 g of honey)

2 cl lemon juice

2 dash ättika (strong vinegar)

egg white

some fresh dill

Glassware: Coupe

Method: Shake

Garnish: Dill

Shake everything even the dill in a shaker, fine strain and serve in a coupe glass. Garnish with a sprig of dill.

Find out more recipes and tips on Drink Nordic website www.drinknordic.com

Laura Hujanen

Site: lauramariphoto.com

Instagram: @lauramariphoto

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