Diageo Reserve WORLD CLASS – Interview with Swedens finalist 2013 – Emil Åreng

World Class

Name: Emil Åreng

Years in the business: 8 years

Official Job Title: Bar Manager

Born: Bräcke, Jämtland, Sweden

Currently resides: Umeå

Current work locations: Rex Bar & Grill

Emil Åreng REX Umeå Bar Manager

Hey Emil, this time last year you were getting ready to enter the Global Final of Diageo World Class. What is your reflektion on the competion?

– It’s the biggest and most spectacular competition in the world. It’s the olympics and Bocuse D’or in one and when you are in the competition you really get that sense. It’s so huge and you learn a lot, not just about cocktails, you learn things about yourself to. But you really need to be focused for a lot of months ahead, this is something you need to take very seriously to be in the top. Everyone that is in the global finals are great bartenders and to send them home you need to be a genious.

It is the most respected and prestigious mixology event with a lot of challenges, people from all around the world and partys. Could you tell us a few memorable moments?

– I have a lot of great memories from World Class, but the moments sitting down and try to come up with stories to every cocktail was very memorable. I was really in the zone and the only thing i was focused on was cocktails. I learned to be that focused and now i can use it whenever, wherever.

Any tips for those about to go into the Global Final or indeed any other cocktail competitions?

– Come very fucking prepared and have fun, it´s not the end of the world if you don´t win. It will always come a new chance and you’ll always learn something from every competition.

Is there any cocktail that represents you and would like to share with me?

– I love flips, it´s genious to just use spirit, sugar and an egg. This is my favorite right now.

If you Spruce you Lose

60 ml Talisker 10

10 ml sweet Meadow-Syrup

10 ml spruce Syrup

1 egg


Shake everything with ice, double strain in to snifter/avec glass. Grated nutmeg on the top.

What is your most memorable bartending experience to date?

– Winning WC2013 in Sweden was huge, but to be able to do what i love every day and always have fun when you go to work is the best experience, no doubt.

What is your vision for the future?

– I have a vision of creating a very small bar that only work organic, locally produced and foraged ingredients with high class spirits. Soon we will find out if that is possible!


If my bar shifts had a theme song it’d be:

Blumchen – Heut’ is mein tag

I’d most like to mix a drink for:

– Hemingway

What would you serve?

– A non alcoholic Daiquiri, just to see his reaction.

Can’t mix drinks without:

– Ice!

What drink would you serve to pancakes?

– Swedish Punsch!

INSTAGRAM: @emilseth

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Photo: World Class and Havana Club Grand Prix

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