BOCA, baby, BOCA – remember the name

Norrköping is crying out for a pizzeria that is more than a pizzeria, in fact, I think Sweden is - give the people what they want - a dope venue, a rad people and sick menu, its just that easy. BOCA - remember the name!


Listen, it’s been done before – you’ve heard the rundown, beer and pizza. But you haven’t had it like this.

2020 is the year of the dough and Norrköping is set to reshape how you go about enjoying your slice. With the creative minds of Jakob Bravo & Andy Watson at the steering wheel, this humble pizzaria is shooting for lofty goals and it all starts from home. Creating more than a pizzeria, the team behind BOCA are creating a culture. A blend of street art, easy vibes, community love and a ‘can-do’ attitude is what separates these two lads from the rest.

Watson – ‘’Norrköping is crying out for a pizzeria that is more than a pizzeria, in fact, I think Sweden is – give the people what they want – a dope venue, a rad people and sick menu, its just that easy.’’

Though through that simplistic nature, you can guarantee that no detail has been spared.

Jakob Bravo, BOCA, Norrköping

Jacob Bravo – ‘’

We want to redefine what the typical food and beverage experience has always stood for. Forget all the rules. We want to create a place you long for every day and feel that you are missing out on something when you are not there ’’

Why a pizzeria?

Why not?!

Listen up.

The three best things in this world are easy, in no particular order: pizza, cocktails and beer.

Now, the boys are not geniuses, but what they are is passionate and driven to please those around them.

BOCA is a hospitality driven, simplistic approach to great eats and tasty sips, delivery vibrancy from start to finish. It won’t be a reinvention of the pizza wheel, but it will be a refined approach to the timeless art of sitting with good company and focusing on what really matters – good eatin’.

Andy Watson, BOCA, Norrköping

If you ask the two how they define their little pizza hub?

Jakob Bravo – ”I see stressed businesshens coming in for a quick espresso and an aperitif, work colleagues who are looking for something good to eat and drink after a hectic day at work, families who are looking for food to suit everyone in the family. But above all, it should be a place where everyone feels welcome and wants to be every day of the week.”

Andy Watson – ‘’image if Banksy opened a scrap that and image its in Naples…now on top of that, throw in some hip-hop and there you go, thats BOCA.’’

Primarily focused on the traditional style of Napolitano, BOCA will set itself apart with its untraditional style of flavour profiles. With an attack of colour, art and creative finesse, the team aims at pleasing all aspects of the senses from first bite to last.

Couple this with a bangin’ drinks program and your set for a helluva experience.

Jakob Bravo – ‘’Give two creative bartenders a room full of alcohol where they can do whatever they want, plus pizza which is something you never get enough of and that can keep you satisfied for an eternity, friendly faces and a vibe that makes you want to stand on top of the bar and dance. … Thats sounds like a good party for me, thats BOCA!’’

Focusing on the beauty of simplicity – the bar program is all about Aperitvo, baby!

Andy Watson says – ‘’someone very wise once told me, ‘keep it simple stupid’, I’ve danced around that concept my whole career and now, now is the time to take those wise words and warp them into something truly beautiful.’’

Keeping that in mind, BOCA will set a standard for world-class drinking with it’s international approach to cocktails. The experience of the drink is what will drive the cocktail menu forward from day one.

Watson/Bravo – ‘’we are stoked to show Sweden what we have been working on. From drink to dough, we have really tried to focus on what makes sense.”

We just want to make people happy – if that means a spritz, a slice or a smile, then damn it, you better believe you’re getting the best of us’’

BOCA, baby, BOCA – remember the name.






Jakob Bravo

Andy Watson Calderon


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