Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition 2015 – Emil Åreng presents PEPIN COCKTAIL

Emil Åreng has been top 5 in the biggest cocktail competitions around the world Absolut Invite, Bacardi Legacy och Diageo World Class. Won the Sweden edition of  Chartreuse Cocktail Challenge 2012, World Class 2013, Havana Club Grand Prix 2014. The most impressive competition must be his 11th place in the global final of Diageo World Class 2013. Last year he was in the Nordic Bacardi Legacy Finals but failed to win, now he´s yet again got a shot to make it to the global final which takes part in Sydney, Australia.

Emil Åreng

This is the movie that I made for the Bacardi Legacy 2015 competition, just a fun video thats not like all the other cocktail movies that you see nowadays. I did a lot of running and as you can see in the movie I´m very well trained.

The cocktail is all about Pepin Bosch, a legendary president for Bacardi who worked a lot in the silence. Now is the time to tell the world what he did, all revealed in this cocktail.

To show how easy this cockail is to do we travelled to Kristineberg, about 150 km from Umeå and one of the deepest active mines in Sweden. If I can do this cocktail in a bloody mine, you can do it wherever in the world.

The full story will be revealed at the Nordic Bacardi Legacy Finals in Copenhagen at the 27:th of January.

Pepin Cockail

50 ml Bacardi Gold

20 ml lime juice

20 ml maple syrup

Top with corn foam*

Shake and strain in to whiskey glass filled with ice, add the foam to the top.

*Corn Foam – Make a simple syrup of 1 litre of water and 1 kg of sugar. Add one preboiled corn on the cob and set on medium heat for one hour. Add 1 leaf of gelatine and let it rest in the refrigerator  to cool down. Pour ½ liter into a cream siphon and add 2 cream chargers. Ready to go and so easy!

Emil Åreng Open/Cloesed Umeå

Emil Åreng, barmanager Open/Closed, Umeå Sweden

Instagram: @emilseth 


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Movie created by: Anton Gunnarsson

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